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Basement Crawl

New Trailer Shows Off Basement Crawl's Bomberman-Style Action

Team Bloober has released a gameplay trailer for its upcoming PS4 game Basement Crawl, which is an M-rated take on the classic Bomberman formula.

If your only knowledge of the game was this mood-setting trailer, seeing it in action is bound to be a surprise. It's a game that draws on old-school gameplay, with a nice 2.5D visual update. It's coming to Europe on January 29, and while the developer can't say exactly when it's coming to North America, they are saying it'll be "soon."

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  • Why the M rating?

    Also, I thought Bomberman: Act Zero was the M-rated take on Bomberman. Yuk yuk yuk.

  • Is that a real M-rated or is it a clever way of saying it is more hardcore than Bomberman?

  • To this very day, Bomberman haunts Jeff Cork's every waking thought. (First TO 3 wins)

  • That doesn't look all that impressive to me. Opinion of course.

  • I find it kind of disappointing. I mean, there are so many indie titles where they'll set up a compelling atmosphere and then do something fascinating with it. Look at... say, Master Reboot or Among the Sleep or something. This set up a great atmosphere, very fascinating... and then they just make a Bomberman clone. And you know what? The "less hardcore" aesthetic suits this fun, simple, arcadey design a lot better than the nightmare clown stuff here.

    I hope Konami brings us a proper Bomberman for the new consoles now. Hudson Soft may be gone, but it's not like they did Bomberman Ultra/Live anyway (those were developed by Backbone Entertainment).