Team Bloober's upcoming PlayStation 4 game Basement Crawl is a spooky multiplayer game that hearkens back to classics like Bomberman. A new trailer for the downloadable title is now available, and what it lacks in gameplay footage it makes up for in chilling atmosphere.

In the clip, a little girl is raised by her sinister grandmother in a locked basement. The girl understandably wants to know what life is like outside, and her grandmother is evasive. We then spy some of the basement's inhabitants, including a legless crash-test dummy in a wheelchair and a clown.

The game supports four players locally, or up to eight players online. The action is set in grid-based arenas, where players set traps to defeat their opponents. There are nine of these arenas, including one set in a slaughterhouse, a restaurant dungeon, and an abandoned circus.

Look for the game within the PS4's launch window.