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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

The Story Of Edward Kenway

The life of a pirate can get old, believe it or not, and even a successful one can feel the urge of a higher calling. Find out more about Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag's main character Edward Kenway in this new trailer.

The clip gives a glimpse of how Kenway goes from a lawless pirate to an Assassin with a cause.

Assassin's Creed IV comes out for the current-gen platforms on October 29, PlayStation 4 on November 15, PC on November 19, and Xbox One on November 22.

For more footage of Kenway's pirating exploits, take a look at this previous trailer.

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  • I honestly can't wait for this game, I feel like it's going to make up for the huge let-down ACIII was to me.
  • This game actually keeps looking more and more special. I will definitely check this out

  • NICE! I'm totally gonna get it for the PS4!!

  • I really wish this had more of an RPG element to it. It would have been fantastic to keep the same character through the entire series.
  • The more I see articles and small tidbits of the game, the less I actually feel like buying it. I dunno maybe it is me or maybe they are just going a little bit over board on hype.

    Still gonna buy and play; but not as soon as I once thought.  

  • Totally excited tho Ac3 had flaws but it was a good game. But Ac4 is reminding me how I was excited to play Ac2 for the first time and that good news to ME. I am ready for any issues too no game is perfect after all.

  • I think im jumping all over the place waiting for this game to come out can the end of the month not get here fast enough?

  • My question is why can't we use weapons while swimming?

    Are we just expected to out swim a shark/drown instead of using all of these daggers, knives, and hidden blades attached to our waist and wrists?

    It just makes absolutely no sense to me and will probably make me ready to break the game several times before I beat it.
  • Everytime I see something new for this game I get more and more excited. At first i didn't particularly care that much, now I am super stupid stoked

  • So excited, can't wait :3
  • I got swept up in the initial fervor over Assassin's Creed III, I'd rather not get burned again. I'll give it a few weeks before I check out Black Flag.
  • I MIGHT give this game a chance after all the reviews come in.  Edward Kenway seems like a much more compelling protagonist than boring and extremely bland Connor.

  • Sounds like a pretty epic story. It's not often we get to see them go from something entirely different to an assassin. I mean sure, Ezio went from boy to man and assassin- but it was in his heritage...

  • At least I'll have this to keep my thoughts off how I'm not playing Watch Dogs.
  • Yet again another trailer reminds me why this will be my first PS4 game, I'm stoked to get my hands on this!

  • "WE are not men meant to govern. We take - and spend. And live heartily." HA! Dude! You were *born* to govern!!

  • Less than two weeks to go! The thing that has me most excited about this game is that Ashraf Ismail himself said that AC4 was inspired by AC2. You can even see the somewhat resemblance between Ezio and Edward. I absolutely can't wait!