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Assassin's Creed III

Prepare Yourself For More Assassin's Creed III Multiplayer Action

Assassin's Creed III has infiltrated Comic-Con, via a batch of multiplayer screens and a narrated walkthrough of the game's Boston level.

See how Connor makes his way through the streets (and rooftops) of Boston in this Comic-Con walkthrough, narrated by creative director Alex Hutchinson. When you're done with that, take a look at the multiplayer screens below, which feature a variety of assassins leaping onto their prey. Life lesson: Glance up every once in a while.

To learn more about Assassin's Creed III, click on the banner below.

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  • I seriously can't wait for this game, it seems like its growing on every aspect of the others and making it far greater! From the video, the stealth system seems to be almost perfected!
    Better go and sharpen my hidden blade!
    Also, I never actually got to play the multiplayer much, is it any good?
  • I think Assassin's Creed and RE6 are my only holiday games, especially AC with these awesome videos. I get to see America rise up to an independent state, then see it fall to a zombie apocalypse.
  • GOTY
  • I wonder when they will make a proper multiplayer, it´s allways the same since brotherhood, might as well spend the multiplayer time with the single player.
  • Never been a fan of the multiplayer. For anyone who was already a fan of the AC multiplayer before this game, then I'm sure this will still be awesome, so have fun.

    I may not care for that portion of the franchise, but this is still one of my most anticipated titles of 2012. The campaign will be amazing, as usual, and I'm so excited for an actual change in the environment. I have to say, I'm also a fan of Connor's red, white, and blue Assassin's robe. It was a really cool design choice on Ubi's part.
  • That was pretty damn awesome even though I've seen this video before. I can't wait for this game.

  • An overabundance of peaches could spell certain doom for the Apple Alliance and People's Republic of Pears. War is looming and only bacteria can save us now.
  • The mobility in this game is so amazing, especially compared to the other games. This is gonna be a great game.

  • I think Connor may be the coolest assassin yet. Just a gut feeling.
  • Very neat indeed, and I'm assuming there's some sort of capture the flag-type action now as well? Cool.

  • I think it would have been a smarter idea to leave multiplayer out of this one and continue supporting the multiplayer for Revelations. I already know there aren't any major changes to the multiplayer and people don't like AC strictly for the MP, so why bother?

    If ACIII didn't have MP it would keep Revelations ( a game that came out not too long ago)) relevant. Multiplayer in Brotherhood was a bonus to something already awesome and I'm sure its gonna be the same here but it multiplayer was the only reason to continue playing revelations.
  • This is the component I'm looking forward to the least. MP in brotherhood spoiled everything for me with its 40 minute wait periods just to find a damn game to play in and the slow character progression. I'm just looking forward o killing more Templars and enjoying what I hope becomes a good story...

  • I've never been a fan of the AC multiplayer and I personally would rather them have it be co-operative assassination missions, instead of competitive. Not that big of a deal though because the single player is looking outstanding.
  • Really looking forward to this game.

  • i hope you get to play with ben franklin and george washinton in multiplayer lol.#justathought

  • It's one thing to be pleasantly surprised by one or two features in a new title, but ACIII continues to amaze me with every single game play video they release. The high hopes that I had keep being pushed further upward. This is probably my most anticipated title release for the fall at this point.
  • Why can't this come out now?!?!?!
  • Check out the guy "aiding" Connor at the 2:52 mark!

  • The clerk at Gamestop asked me, "Do you wanna preorder anything, is there anything you're excited about coming out?" Without hesitation I reply, "Yeah let me preorder my copy of Assassins Creed III" So stoked for this game! Ubisoft is an amazing company, and all of the Assassin Creed games are setting the bar for what a good single player game should be.
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