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Assassin's Creed III

New Maps And Modes Arrive In Multiplayer

We got our hands on the newest iteration of Ubisoft's multiplayer cat and mouse game, and figured out what's changed since last time.

While Assassin's Creed III had a lot of new single player content to show off at E3, Ubisoft didn't forget about the growing legion of fans who love the AC multiplayer experience. We had the good fortune to hop into a couple of matches showing off the new Domination game mode, and found the multiplayer game has continued to evolve and improve with this latest iteration.

Domination mode maintains many of the fundamental concepts of previous AC multiplayer modes. Players stalk each other and aim to stay incognito while simultaneously trying to identify and eliminate the same players hunting them. The twist in Domination comes in the capture of territories around the board. You and your team must head to a designated area on the board and hold it for long enough to claim the location. Once you do, only your team can assassinate others in that area -- the other team can only retake the territory by sneaking in and remaining hidden while they recapture the zone. This variation on the formula results in some fun exchanges and power uses, as each team tries to trick the other into abandoning defended locations. 

The large map we played on was called Northwest Passage. The asymmetrical environment was an outdoor location with plenty of snow on the ground, and a number of raised hills and boulders that could help to disguise your approach to a given territory, or keep you hidden as you stalk a foe. 

We tried out several of the new character skins, all of which have been newly designed to fit into this Revolutionary War time period. From the Carpenter and Montebank to the Independant (a Native American woman) and the Lady Maverick, each character had their own fun new costumes and  kill animations.

Ability usage has changed somewhat since Revelations, as a third ability slot has been added. Players may now choose two skills entirely to their liking, while the third slot is a dedicated ranged weapon position. We tried out several of the new abilities. A Poison Dart offers a stealthy kill, but its delayed death sequence puts the attacker in potential danger. Disruption delivers a clever twist by screwing up your opponents actual interface with the Animus/game, scrambling screen elements and making it hard to see. Glimmer offers a limited form of invisibility. And Shield is the perfect counter to most other abilities; while you can still be killed with standard weapons, Shield blocks most ability effects. 

While our time with Assassin's Creed III's multiplayer was limited, our brief time in-game playing against several fellow E3 attendees left us confident that the franchise continues to move in positive directions with its multiplayer component, even if no truly fundamental ideas seem to be changing this time around. 

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  • Sounds good to me. I just hope they improve on what they did with Revelations, which I considered a step backward.
  • Darn. I was really hoping for a Co-op mode. Still sounds fantastic though.

  • well nothing about CO-OP


  • I am a huge fan of the Assassin's Creed multiplayer and can't wait to get my hands on this (I'm hoping they do a beta like they did for Revelations on PS3). The shooters are fun, but this game always keeps me on my toes and requires cunning and discipline to outsmart your enemies. I always hate teammates who just constantly run after targets and use no stealth (I really only played Manhunt 4v4)...especially when I have been tracking said target for like a minute trying to get my sneaky poison kills...
  • Co-Op hopefuls, listen! There is still four months before the release of AC3, plenty of time to unveil Co-Op.

  • multiplayer not needed
  • I was never able to really get into the AC multiplayer experience although I would be excited if they announced a dedicated co-op mode.

  • Gald they are keeping this a part of the game

  • Please just fix the stun/kill delay. I hate htiing stun, but he cancels it by hitting kill a second later. VERY annoying Ubi.
  • I've tried multiple times to get into the AC multiplayer, but I can't. It bores me to tears. I hope it's awesome for the rest of you though.
  • Please make a proper multiplayer mode, seriously this is getting old, it´s teh same thing as the first AC multiplayer only with different maps and characters. Or even better, take out the multiplayer and focus in the single player, that´s what most games need nowadays, instead of rellying in repetitve multiplayers.
  • At least they are updating multiplayer with new modes.

  • This sounds like it could be very fun and interesting.

  • Sounds good but I'm still holding out hope for some sort of co-op mode. As much as I love AC's take on multiplayer I'm just not a big competitive MP fan.

  • Not really a fan of the AC multiplayer, I'm mostly looking forward to the singleplayer. This might be the 3rd Assassin's Creed that I like, followed closely by AC1 and AC2. (Brotherhood and Revelations were terrible).
  • I know this might seem stupid, but can we do like revelations and have some old maps, and characters too, cause I still love the feel of renaissance italy like florence and venice, and please bring old multiplayer characters back, but make them customizable unlike the knight, courtesan, ottoman doctor, and the ottoman jester, cause I liked the ottoman doctor but I still like his old suit too, and I really wanna play as the prowler again, or the renegade from revelations

  • I'm glad they are moving in a good direction.

  • I just hope to god that they get rid of "contested kill." It ruined Revelations multiplayer for me

  • I have to practice on multiplayer.

  • Multiplayer should never have been part of this game series.
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