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Angry Birds Go!

Rovio Takes Its Iconic Game Series Down A New Hill

When Rovio revealed its plan for Angry Birds Go! back in August, the direction of the game wasn’t clear. The gameplay trailer confirms that the game is less an endless running game than a kart racing game that sends you careening down dangerous hills.

The trailer below details some of the features we can expect when Angry Birds Go! releases on December 11. The colorful downhill racing game will have special powers, upgradable carts, and be free-to-play. Angry Birds Go! is coming to iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, and Blackberry 10. 

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  • Nintendo should start releasing Mario Kart spin offs like this. They would probably make more money, and all the Nintendo geeks could pretend like it's innovative just because it isn't Mario.
  • What?

  • This actually looks cool and fun! Will play this until MK8 release.

  • this pic represents my thoughts completely.
  • *thoughts as I watch* Okay, I guess it's about -that- time in it's popularity. ...this seems awfully familiar even for a kart racer. So it's basically Mario Kart. So it's Mario Kart reskinned. So it's cut content from Mario Kart, put on iOS because those powers look EXACTLY THE SAME. Good to know Rovio put a lot of effort into this one.
  • Interesting. I can't call it a new idea by any means, but Rovio should be able to produce an addictive and entertaining game out of the concept.

  • Maybe if it had the least bit to do with slingshots and destroying structures, I'd make sense to put "Angry Birds" in the title; but, nope, just a branding strategy. If this game had a different title and none of the AB characters, absolutely no one would be paying attention.
  • Too many kart games for me these past 2 months. Come December, I should be able to give this a go. I'd love to run over some birds with my super decked out pig kart.

  • not sure how i feel about this...but hey...its free to ill give it a shot

  • It's just downhill from here.
  • How about Angry Birds No! ;-)

  • No way this will run on my Prism.

  • Did somebody say Freeeeeee!?

    I'll certainly give it a go. (;^0)

    I have a pretty high tolerance for ever feeling tempted by in-app purchases.  Never once done it, never will (for any foreseeable reason).

  • I think they need to make it more cartoonish. Eesh, the pigs look ugly in 3D. Get this, 2D cartoons mostly do not go with their 3D versions. They are usually uglier.

  • I know Rovio wanted to milk the AB franchise to the fullest extent, They're going the same direction as Sonic.
  • Only create make Race add Angry Bird interesting.

  • Angry Birds is a horrible horrible thing i just wish it would have never existed.

  • nice, but NO....the mariokart thing is old news.......

  • Looks fun, colorful, etc. But this is a dumb, generic brand. 'Red' may be iconic, but only as a symbol for this thing. He, and his dumb buddies, can't seriously hang with genuine icons like Mario, Sonic, Mickey Mouse, etc. Can this thing really become a success?

    Also, a kart racer on a mobile device? Good luck. I played Beach Buggy Blitz - and that's one of the better ones. It doesn't work. Activision brought Angry Birds to consoles, and Rovio self published a version of the game on the Playstation Network. If they wanted to do a cart racer, they should have also brought it to consoles - platforms with controllers. Or they just should've made this a Temple Run clone.