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Angry Birds Go!

Rovio Announces A Kart Racer Starring Its Avian Avengers

When as series is as popular as Rovio's Angry Birds, it's not usually a surprise when new series entries get announced. This one is a bit different, as you can see from the video below.

Angry Birds Go! is inspired by Rovio's participation in a Red Bull kart race. The video is also shared on Red Bull's website, so we wouldn't be surprised if the partnership is visible when the title launches.

Details are sparse, but we've been told to expect more news soon.

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  • This looks interesting

  • My interest is piqued. I'm hoping this will be a more meaningful and captivating innovation for the franchise than recent Angry Birds spin-offs.

    Entirely conjecture, but I forsee a media backlash against promoting energy drinks to children if they collaborate with Red Bull.

  • Dear Rovio, Please stop.

  • So this is a video game right?

  • They steer using Telekinesis?

  • The cash cow goes: Moo!

  • So much milk, it needs cookies.

  • Oh f*ck you

  • Oh look, another Angry Birds game.

  • i stopped caring after you had to pay for angry birds star wars then buy levels

  • Great, another game fat kids will be playing at restaurant tables when families go out to dinner. While irresponsible parents eat in silence and deny basic forms of healthy communication with their children...

    If there's one video game franchise that did so little to receive so much press, pop culture relevance, and damn-near all types of consumer merchandising, it's *** Angry Birds.
  • So... are the pigs modeled after that guys face?

  • My kid is gonna love this.

  • Hmmmmmmm, I hope we still get to hurt evil piggies. I will be upset if we don't.

  • Having karts that fall apart will be EPIIIIIC!

  • Ah, the Zynga-fication of Rovio begins at last.  Well I guess the licensing gravy train couldn't last forever.