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Aliens: Colonial Marines

Colonial Marines Bring The Talk In New Aliens Trailer

Sega has released a new trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines that shows off some action narrated by a rousing speech. It's almost enough to make you want to head over to enlist and go through space boot camp.

There's plenty of action to accompany the talk, including shots of xenomorphs getting torn apart and a nice exoskeleton neck-snap move. All that speechifying does seem a bit like overcompensation, however. The Colonial Marines may be the best that humanity has to offer, but we all remember how that last bug hunt went. Maybe they should save the bravado and champagne for when the mission's done.

For another look at the game, take a look at an earlier trailer. It shows what's inside a xeno hive. Warning: You may want to wear rubber boots before you set foot inside.

Look for Aliens: Colonial Marines on February 12.

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  • hahaha this is awesome. I sure hope it's better than AvP I really love this franchise and have been hoping for a great game to do it justice. Plus I really wanna rip peoples faces off as a Xenomorph!!

  • i dont think ive ever seen so much for a game and still been so undecided. i want to want this game, but i just cant... not yet.
  • I can't wait!
  • People should stop using brostep as soundtrack for the trailers.

  • Being Gearbox...part of me wished the voice over would have been done by Tiny Tina. "Nobody steals Mushy Snugglebites' badonkadonk and lives!"
  • Sweet baby Jesus this looks awesome!

  • Great trailer, minus the dubstep. I'm not 100% against dubstep - the WUB WUB trailer for Borderlands 2 is one of my favorite video game trailers & it had dubstep. But dubstep for Aliens?! No.

  • Aliens... that is all xD

  • Beware the Spitter! This looks so cool.

  • Oh man! I can't wait to get my ass handed to me by a bunch of xenomorphs! Then, a facehugger to the face.  Aww yeah boyyyyyyyy!

  • Xenodubstep.

  • What the hell is up with that voice over?

  • For some reason i don;t think this will be a good game.The graphics look two years old and the voice work is crappy.But i guess it has a big name tied to it, so it will sale.

  • It looks okay. Kindof disappointed by the graphics though. Very choppy and old-looking.
  • Really ticks me off that the first trailer for this game has looked better than any other video after it. Doesn't really compete in that regard such really disappoints me considering its gearbox

  • That was...bad...

  • That was...bad...

  • quite a nice trailer

  • Looks cool

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