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Alien: Isolation

Explore The Cast Of Alien: Isolation In New Developer Diary

Digitizing real people and putting them into a game used to be the stuff of science fiction films such as Tron, but now it's an everyday practice in the video game industry. Watch The Creative Assembly's newest developer diary, which explains how the studio turned it's voice talent into a digital cast.

Fifteen years after the events of Alien, Ellen Ripley's daughter, Amanda enters a desperate battle for survival, on a mission to discover the truth behind her mother's disappearance. Below you can watch The Creative Assembly's new developer diary, where the team shows off some in-game footage and explains how they cast real-life actors and used motion capture technology to bring their characters to life. Then read about why were excited for the game here.

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  • coming along well so far, much more faith in it now.

  • And this will be my first Alien Game picked up!
  • Hoping this game does not let us down....

  • I really believe this is the Aliens game i've been waiting for!!! I'm excited!

  • I'm so excited for this game.

  • Awesome!, cant wait to play it :). interesting to see what kind of mechanics there will be to use. With these characters you can go many different ways in terms of how the whole game tells her story. This game might just be the one that saves alien...frankly it may be the only one that can live up to what we want from the experience, horror and fear.. These two are things i have not felt in a while for a video game. Since dead space 1 really.

    Fingers crossed! XD

  • Looks great.......

  • Wow, whoever that is playing Ellen Ripley's daughter looks a spitting image of Sigourney Weaver.

  • Sweet,they got Dan Abnett to write the story.I haven't read any of his Warhammer books,but I really enjoyed "Embedded".If you want some good sci-fi,check it out.

  • This is really the first Aliens game to be conceptually sound at least. They're finally going pure horror this time rather than FPS on us, and that's satisfyingly in the right direction if nothing else, which is still what I'm cynical about. SEGA has something to prove to us this time. Two Alien fingers crossed and poised.


    Number 1:

    People may scoff at the idea of an Alien Game being good, but let's not forget that somebody eventually got the Batman games right. If they can just find the right developer for the job who has the right combination of passion for the series and skill, this could turn out stellar. Think about it. The Batman series went from having total, genuine garbage to being one of the few franchises that had a game receive a perfect 10 from GI. I mean, that's really saying something.

    Number 2:

    Alien fans will always be disappointed by the game adaptations of Alien. They are going to be like beggars congregating outside the Rocksteady Games offices at 6:00AM in the cold of winter. Their cries for one morsel of decent digital goodness will be ignored until one day George Lucas will buy the rights to the series....

    And fill it with nothing but Gunkans (metaphorically).