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Alien: Isolation

Why We're Excited For The Next Alien Game

Like a nest of xenomorph eggs being eradicated, fans of the Aliens franchise have been burned. Alien: Colonial Marines failed spectacularly to live up to expectations, leaving gamers with shaky trust in developers' ability to transpose the onscreen tension into a worthwhile game. Creative Assembly is up next for the Aliens franchise with Alien: Isolation. It taps into the atmospheric horror of Ridley Scott's Alien more than the tense action of James Cameron's Aliens. Game Informer editor Jeff Cork and I discuss our hands-on impressions of being hunted by a murderous xenomorph and how we emerged with restored faith in the franchise.

Jeff Cork and I reflect on the stress of being hunted by an angry alien, the gorgeous next-gen visuals, and the potential of Creative Assembly's new game.

For more on Alien: Isolation, read Jeff Cork's detailed account of his time playing the horror title.

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  • I have high hopes for this game, however I'm ready for disappointment.
  • I hope this game is awesome! I liked Colonial Marines, I didn't pay full price but I got a great deal on the Collector's edition.

  • I love the Alien movie so seeing this is definitely an interest for me. Although I'm not a huge fan of the defenseless experience, this is perfect for it. Really wanna see how it turns out.

  • This game would of been cool if they did it like evolve, evolved, I can't remember, but how one alien against 4 Marines.
  • I'm hoping this game turns out well.

  • I'm crossing my fingers for this game but it looks good so far!!!

  • This game looks really good, but I do wish there was a Wii U version.
  • any word on Oculus or Morpheus support? this seems like a perfect VR game
  • Not really a fan of these horror games that leave the player basically defenseless ( Amnesia, Outlast). I am however an Alien fan, as I own multiple versions of all 4 alien movies, AVP and Prometheus. I'll pick it up just to own it, hopefully I'll enjoy playing it too.
  • Played this at EGX Rezzed game festival. Yawn-o-rama!

  • this, shadow of mordor, and dragon age 3 all on the same day. its going to be a busy month of October

  • This game, Evolve, and Dark Souls II are my most anticipated games of 2014. Loving Dark Souls II still!
  • I have NOTHING against the game when I say this... but here I go.... This will end up being called: Jump Scare: The Game. I really hope it doesn't end up like that.

  • This seems like an awesome game, but I'll probably wait a few years to play it; namely, until there's a price drop or two on the PS4, and until I've played through the massive back catalogue of Wii and PS3 games I have but haven't gotten through,yet.

  • I got a feeling this is the Alien game we been waiting for. Enough of that high action crap. Give me that slow paced horror style. I want to fear the alien, not go guns blazing.

  • COVER STORY ON THIS GAME! Although, Colonial Marines got a cover story, and look how that ended up. For the record, I don't think that game was horrible, just incredibly generic, shoddy, and poorly written. If it had come out two generations ago (PS2, Xbox, GC), I think it would have fared much better. Bad story aside.
  • Never been invested in this game or franchise. Sure I enjoyed the older movies (AvP sucks balls) but never encountered a game that stuck with me. Much like Superman... so not really expecting anything really but if its good then I will play it. But def not a 1st day buy.

  • I've said this before, and I'll say it again: PLEASE let this be a good game!

  • I finally let myself be super excited for this game and I really think it will surpass all of our expectations!

  • Even if this game isn't great, I definitely think it'll beat AVP (2010) and Colonial Marines (2013).

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