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Age of Wonders III

Kingdoms Thrive In Age Of Wonders III Screens

The Age of Wonders fantasy strategy series has been MIA for over a decade. Developer Triumph Studios is bringing it back in a PC sequel due out next year. This slew of screens shows off the graphical improvements coming on both the meta world map level and tactical battle layer.

Age of Wonders is still about exploring huge maps, facing off against up to eight rival kingdoms, and battling for resources and land. Players can choose leader classes like steampunk Dreadnoughts or cunning Rogues and build a city in their image. Dreadnought cities might excel in machine works, while a city led by a conniving Rogue could boast extra diplomatic options. Age of Wonders III offers online matches, asynchronous email-based warfare, and a story-driven single-player campaign.

Age of Wonders III has been partially funded by Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson. The game is coming to Steam, GOG, and retail next year. Check out the screenshots in the media gallery below, then go check it out in action.

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  • Never played the first 2. Looks like an amalgamation of Total War and Heroes of Might and Magic. Definitely will be watching this one.
  • Looks awesome, but i'm wary of this type of game.
  • They need to make Age of Empires 4!
  • I've always wanted to try the originals. Is combat turn based or real time?
  • Age of Wonders will forever be one of my favorite series of games. i am so thrilled they are making a third installment as it has been long overdue. definitely investing my time and money into this next masterpiece :)