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Oscar Cafaro And Chad King Join Orth To Craft This Space Survival Adventure

Former Microsoft creative director Adam Orth has released new information surrounding Adr1ft, his newest project. Not much is known about the specifics of the game yet, but he's stated that it's based on his tribulations over the past year and will be set in space and focus on surviving the harsh vacuum.

It's no secret that last year's debacle surrounding his Twitter feed left Orth in a precarious position, but he's shown that he isn't done with video games yet. For Adr1ft, he's hired on concept artist Oscar Cafaro (Battlecry, Warmachine by Privateer Press) to help establish the tone of the space environments. Below you will find the first of hopefully many beautiful concept art pieces that Cafaro will be doing for Adr1ft.

In addition, Chad King has also joined the team. King is best known for his work as environmental artist for BioShock and BioShock Infinite and will be working on environments, props, and creating the unique identity Adr1ft strives to achieve.

Announced earlier this year, Orth will be bringing his sci-fi space adventure to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Oculus Rift. No release window has yet been confirmed.

Click to enlarge.

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  • The artwork looks pretty awesome. I'd like to see the game look exactly like that.

  • Any sort of pre-order #dealwithit?
  • So... we can assume this game will require an internet connection?
  • That looks amazing
  • Sorry, I'm a pretty nice understanding kind of guy. But this guy was caught being a arrogant business man assuming the little people do not understand what we want and that him and Microsoft knew better. Well now I know better and I don't like that side of him. Wish him all the best but there are tons of talented great hard working developers out there that could use my support as well..and to fly in the face of what he once supported with Microsoft I have a CHOICE not to buy or be interested in his projects.
  • "Based on his tribulations" Sounds like some pretentious navel gazing arrogant horse-**** to me. Once I got fired because an algoritm at a corp. we were contracted to said so with no explanation and no appeal. I just got another job. I didn't write a lament. You are not a celebrity, you are a coporate drone who got fired for a lame reason like thousands of others do every single day. You are not Job, or Jonah, or Prometheus. Go **** yourself and shut the **** up.
  • Wow, I'm not sure if he meant to or not but that "art" is incredibly similar to Jeremy Geddes' "Adrift" piece... http://www.jeremygeddesart.com/popups/adriftp.html Edit: Actually, after looking closer at the guy drifting in the air, it is definitely J.G.'s piece. The grey backpack is terribly photoshopped onto him and the broken glass of his visor was erased, but whoever "made" this didn't even bother to remove the dent in the helmet right in the middle of the shadow. I don't know if this is some random Google image but I hope it is. O.C. is talented himself so I'm leaning to doubt that he would steal J.G.'s piece. Sorry, this just really bothers me. I hate seeing someones work stolen and passed off as something else.
  • yeah Orth, post some concept art with an "adapted" art piece as the central figure. no way i'm giving this guy the time of day. EVER.

  • This better be always-on. I mean, that's the world we live in today.

  • These comments are priceless.

  • These comments are priceless.

  • This looks and sounds terrible.

  • Looks good.

  • LMAO this idiot again? hahahaha

  • More sci-fi games are always a good thing.
  • More sci-fi games are always a good thing.

  • Well, overall I think this was a good way for Orth to turn a negative into a positive. Based on more recent comments I've heard from him, it seems that he has had time to reflect on how dangerous and powerful words can be. I think the fact that he is channeling his experiences into something creative is commendable. Think about how many other people have taken their rage and frustration and gone utterly berserk.
  • Jaw ='s Dropped

  • I just cant seem to kinect with this project.
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