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Ace Combat Infinity

Free-To-Play Ace Combat Infinity Beta Starts Next Week

Namco Bandai is getting ready to its free-to-play Ace Combat online. The game's beta begins next week.

The beta begins on February 4 and runs through February 11. If you take part in the beta, outside of getting a chance to check out some of the game's single and multiplayer modes, try out some contracts, and play with the customization options for your planes, you will also get a Test Pilot emblem to use when the game eventually launches.

Ace Combat Infinity is exclusive to PlayStation 3. To download the beta on February 4, you should be able to find it in the PlayStation Network's online store on that day.

For more on the game, head here.

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    i love Ace Combat!

    especially with headphones on!

  • Is there a NDA on the Beta?

  • it's bandai-namco now.
  • Mod

    Thanks for the heads-up. As an AC fan, am looking forward to giving this a try.

  • AWESOME! for those who will play this. let's soar into the skies!

  • this had better be good after the disaster that was Assault Horizon

  • My finish hunter trophies 100% Ace Combat Assault Horizon next see infinity try hard war. Best F22 skill.
  • Finally. This game disappeared for a while. I heard the Japanese beta testing didn't go so well. I'm still being conservative in my expectations for this game. Free-to-play type games can be tricky.

    At this point, I would take an HD remake of Ace Combat 4 just to get my flying sim fill.

  • I hope this is good. Namco's f2p titles have been hit-or-miss; they're very concerned with that sort of virtual currency that can really eat into gameplay... which is dumb because for Tekken, Ridge Racer and Ace Combat, they could monetize new playable... things. Fighters, Cars, and Planes, y'know?

    Tekken Revolution is a mess compared to DOA5: Ultimate on the PSN, and RR Driftopia's Steam beta sounded obnoxious, so I hope Ace Combat represents a rethinking of Free-to-Play for Namco.