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Ace Combat Infinity

Infinitely Free-To-Play

Namco Bandai has announced that the next entry in its high-flying arcade-style dogfighting series Ace Combat is going free-to-play. Ace Combat Infinity will be out this fall exclusively on PlayStation 3.

The title takes place in the near future and the campaign mode pits players against the series' trademark super weapons. A cooperative multiplayer mode and 4-on-4 competitive play are both included. There is no detail yet about which elements will be monetized.

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  • Color me intrigued.
  • Do you have to be a PSN+ subscriber? I would like some more Ace Combat action...
  • Never got into this game, never felt like buying it, Iv played the demos and they are nice, but iv gotten my jet fix from Battlefield :D But with this coming this fall i might aswell shot some jets down :D
  • Better not be a PS+ exclusive, that'll piss me off so much!
  • Here we stand Worlds apart, hearts broken in two, Two! TWO! Sleepless nights Losing ground I'm reaching for you, You!, YOU!
  • Interesting, especially to see how the series adopts an F2P model.
  • Probably Pay2Win. Of course, you won't have to buy the upgrades but you will not last a minute without them.
  • All I can say is... "Go Dance With an Angel!"
  • dear god, there is a god!
    im so looking forward to this and this will so go so well to my DemonLordOTRT acount! LOL

    if anyone caches my psn name its the call sign from ether AC 5 or zero from the ROUND TABLE. If you can cach the meaning eather your like me a big AC Fan boy, or you just play to dam much flight Sims. lol

    I miss playing AC 4,5,and zero.
    BTW if any one knows the pic up top is from AC zero (I believe) that is the giant areal super carryer.....
    BFS its about 2 miles wide i cant see that Frailing thing taking of any whare!
  • free to play? no thak u, it will not be good...

  • Damn exclusives.
  • I quit. they've ruined Ace Combat for me
  • Hmm, I'll have to give it a download then.

  • Cool move on their part!Should help raise brand awareness!

  • This sounds like a terrible idea.
  • If they have any sense, they'll go about aircraft unlocks in a manner similar to AC5: that is, you start with 1-2 basic aircraft, with others unlocking for purchase at various ranks.  On top of this, each of those has an XP bar (think FF7 materia, PoE gems) which, when filled, unlocks one of the variants for purchase.  For example:

    *F-14A Tomcat: achieve rank X

    *F-14B Bombcat: earn 47450 XP with the F-14A

    *F-14D Super Tomcat: earn 56250 XP with the F-14B

    Note that purchases of aircraft and special weapons (each plane having 2-3) would, as has been the case for the series, be executed with the ingame currency.

    As for real cash, what I can see that getting you would be color schemes (they've already done this with 6 and AH) other than those unlockable within the game... and it's not like there's any shortage of them when you consider that all the previous games can be mined for this purpose).

  • oh how I love Ace Combat!

  • hope they remove the DFM...just old AC is damn fine by me

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