New Trailer And Screens Released For Free-To-Play Ace Combat - Ace Combat Infinity - PlayStation 3 -
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Ace Combat Infinity

New Trailer And Screens Released For Free-To-Play Ace Combat

Earlier this month, we learned that the next Ace Combat game would be free-to-play and exclusive to the PlayStation 3. Today, Namco Bandai has released a new trailer and the first batch of official screens.

Check out the brief trailer below, and you can see more of the high-flying action in the screenshot gallery below that. Ace Combat Infinity is coming to the PlayStation Network later in 2013.

  • i'm not too familiar with this series, but I'll give it a try. F2P is always good, unless it's an mmo.
  • At least, it seems they've implemented the original gameplay from previous Ace Combat games(except for the last one,Assault Horizon). I enjoyed the last Ace Combat, I just preferred the original way of playing, versus the sped up action dogfights. It was a little too extreme for my tastes.
  • I really enjoyed these games for PS1.

  • I loved Ace Combat. Being as this is free to play I'll definitely try it.

  • Sweeeet! Looks like the arcade/flight Sim it used to be. I've played every Ace Combat. The last one was really terrible. I hope this will be available for PS4.

  • I hope this is good. Didn't care for the last one. I also hope they don't overdo it with microtransactions. 'Looks like you're out of missiles... we can reload you for $2!'.
  • This is just Ace Combat 6 Fires of Liberation...but still, its Ace Combat and I love me some Ace Combat.

  • I see no DFM. wohoo!

  • Looks nice, hopefully it doesn't end up like the HAWX games. Confusing myself with which way is up and having minutes at a time of nothing to do while trying to find or chasing someone...can get boring with so much empty space.
  • I've only played one Ace Combat game like ten years ago but I'm excited for this. With all the slew of new games hurting my wallet it's nice to have the comfort of trying to get into a game without any risk. For me the F2P model is the only way I would play Ace Combat, and seeing the gameplay, I get the feeling I won't be looking back.

  • Oh man I'm going to have to find my PS3 and dust it off for this gem!

  • I am not much on ace combat but I don't think I gave it a fair shake I only played one of the first ones and couldn't stand it.The only flying game I have ever enjoyed was crimson skies.

  • Looking forward to it

  • I'm genuinely interested in how this turns out.

  • Free-to-play sounds good to me!

  • F-16c good