Last year Minnesota Public Radio launched its fantastic Top Score podcast, a show that explores modern game soundtracks and their composers. The show offers a wonderful window into the world of modern game music, but I was always left a little hungry for 8- and 16-bit tunes. Then Top Score host Emily Reese invited comedian and video game music aficionado Brent Weinbach onto the show to chat about retro game music. That episode offers Top Score listeners a crash course on classic game music, but it also introduced me to The Legacy Music Hour. Hosted by Brent and Rob F., The Legacy Music Hour is the definitive old school video game music podcast, and you need to listen to it.

If you watched our Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse episode of Replay guest-starring Brent Weinbach, then you’ve already heard me recommend The Legacy Music Hour. I’m back to remind you that over 70 terrific episodes of in-depth classic game discussion await your eager ears. Tons of old favorites and new jams are ready to leap through your headphones and into your brain.

Rob and Brent offer a variety of show topics. For one of their composer focuses they invite Kinuyo Yamashita to talk about her work on Castlevania, Mega Man X3, and more. Other episodes focus solely on a game series, game genre, or even music genres such as Mega Man, racing games, and funk music, respectively. Every week offers something different.

This week’s episode focuses on Sunsoft, developer and publisher of games like Gremlins 2: The New Batch, Super Spyhunter, and Batman: Return of the Joker. Not only to Brent and Rob play and chat about their favorite Sunsoft tracks, they also invite retro game music know-it-all Bucky on to explain why Sunsoft’s NES games sound so unique. As a result, I've also began checking out Bucky's Retro Game Audio tumblr page for tons of great info and videos about classic console's audio tech.

That’s enough from me. Be sure to check out The Legacy Music or subscribe on iTunes. You won’t regret it. I’m regularly knocking out two or three episodes a week, and I haven’t tired of the delicious chip-music yet.