There have been several requests for cosplay from Nintendo’s most lucrative franchise, and we’ve finally found someone worthy of paying tribute to Mario’s Galaxy. Cosplayer IchigoKitty is known for her versatility when it comes character choices – and we feel like she pulls off Galaxy’s Rosalina perfectly. Enjoy the photos below!

Who: The Character

The character is Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy.  She’s the newest Mario princess, and she controls the comet observatory, which is where most of Super Mario Galaxy takes place.  The costume I’ve done is just her standard princess dress. 

Why: The Decision
I really like Rosalina a lot.  She’s very motherly, and very cool, and ultimately very sexy.  I love the color she wears and her color scheme in general.  The whole time I was playing the game I kept saying “oh man Rosalina is so HOT!!”, so I think it’s safe to say that I fell in love with her and (naturally) wanted to cosplay her. 


What: The Process
The costume took about a month for me to make.  I used crepe backed satin for the main dress part, and some very slippery (but pretty) fabric for the trims.  I’m not sure what it was, it was just on sale.  For the gems on the brooch, crown and earrings I used clear casting epoxy resin (though the earrings were a later addition), and I made the shapes and molds for the gems myself also.  The crown is polystyrene with foamie over it (though foamie probably would have worked out better on it’s own), and the star brooch and wand are both wooden. 


I don’t really remember what the final cost was.  I reused a petticoat from my Rosebride costume, but the rest was bought specifically for Rosalina.  The wig was probably the priciest because it’s from Cyperous.  I would assume around $150 or so for the whole costume. 

The most difficult task was probably working with the fabrics I used, and getting the dress to stay up.


Where and When: The Debut
I first wore my costume to Megacon 2008, though there were a few things not finished on it at that point.  At that time, I only got photos around the convention center.  I’ve worn this costume also to Anime Expo, TNT Mexico, AWA, Anime Boston, and a few smaller cons.  The most recent photos are from Anime Boston, and my photographer, Christa, basically picked the areas.  The extremely back lit shots are on the windowsill of a hotel room, and the outdoors ones are at the Christian Science Center (I believe). 


Links: The Cosplayer
I’m everywhere! is my personal website, though I slack a bit with updates because I’m not very knowledgeable about that kind of stuff.  I have a Deviant Art account, account, APC account, and Cure account. Lastly, I have a Facebook fanpage!


The Gallery
Photos by Christa and Cato Kusanagi.


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