This week's CosBlog features an amazing tribute to Samus Aran in her iconic Zero Suit. Cosplayer Ana Aesthetic made the spandex suit from scratch, showcasing her considerable talents in the process! Enjoy the photos!

Who: The Character
Samus Aran, from Metroid / Super Smash Bros. Brawl Variant

Why: The Decision

Funny story, while a huge fan of the original game, I had never played brawl when I was asked to create this costume for a cosplay group at Realms Con in Corpus Christi, TX. I dived into the process, collected reference images, and played the game in my off time at work. (We have a Wii in the photographer lounge!)

What: The Process
It took about 6 hours to make this costume. I drafted a standard bodysuit, making a mock up out of some leftover white spandex. Then I marked where the style lines would go, while it was on a mannequin. From there I created the final pattern and used a mix of two shades of blue milliskin spandex and the silver gradient metallic spandex to make the suit. The symbol was painted on using plain ol fabric paint from the craft store. The costume cost about $40 in materials. The hardest part was making the boot covers, actually. I would have painted a pair of boots, but ran out of time, so instead made a slip cover to go over my favorite pair of boots I wore to work. I think I was more intimidated by the whole task, but it ended up being a relatively easy costume to make.

Where and When: The Debut
Realms Con, Corpus Christi, TX 2008. Photo shoot done in April of 2010 by the amazing Matt of Dim Horizon Studio. This location is a favorite of his, but if I told you where it was and how we got there, we may have to kill you.

Links: The Cosplayer
You can find more info about Ana via her personal website.

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