This week we’ve got one of my personal favorite Final Fantasy girls, Selphie Tilmitt from Final Fantasy VIII. Cosplayer SigmaRue pulls off the look with style, lucky to already have hair perfect for the part. Check out her costume details and photos below!

Who: The Character
Selphie Tilmitt from Final Fantasy VIII.

Why: The Decision

“Final Fantasy VIII is one of my favorite games of all time, with Selphie being my absolute favorite Final Fantasy girl. I realized one summer that I didn't have this costume in my closet and just couldn't stand it anymore. I had spent a good deal of time working on more complex characters and wanted something simple, but fun to make. Plus, I needed another costume to wear at Sakura-con. So, Selphie happened. I found the perfect fabric after my first fabric store run.”

What: The Process
“From start to finish, the costume took about two months to make, but I spaced out different portions of the costume. The dress is made of a soft gabardine and took about three days to sew. I didn't use a pattern, so it required more time than I expected to make it fit me correctly. I added the detail top stitches one month later, which took two days of very slow sewing to complete. The zipper pull was done in a few hours with sculpey and spray paint. It was by far the easiest aspect of the costume to construct. The total cost came to about $60.”

Where and When: The Debut

“I'll debut this cosplay at Sakura-con in April and I'm incredibly excited about it. The first photoshoot took place at my house, thanks to my talented photographer sister, Emily.”

Links: The Cosplayer
You can find me at DeviantArt, Twitter and

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