This week we’ve got a fantastic take on a character that stole the show in Heavenly Sword. Nariko’s tough-as-nails persona was memorable, but Kai’s quirky personality and gravity-defying antics made for a character you couldn’t take your eyes off of. Miss Fawn’s interpretation of Kai is impeccable – down to the scraped knees, acrobatic poses and wide-eyed expression. Check out her gallery below!

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Who: The Character
Kai from Heavenly Sword

Why: The Decision

I chose to cosplay Kai because of her unique look and personality. She's the type of character that makes you want to know why she is who she is. You just can't look away from her cat-like actions!

What: The Process
It took a few days to gather all of the materials and accessories for Kai's costume. After I found everything it only took a few hours to complete and cost around $50-$75.

Kai's "dress" was the easiest cosplay outfit I've ever made. There was no precision measuring or sewing. She is basically wearing a tattered sack tied with a sash, so that's what I made! The most difficult task for me was Kai's hat. I have a very small/thin head and honestly look horrible wearing hats. I had to add extra material inside the hat to make my head appear more round like Kai's. It's difficult building a hat from scratch, but more difficult for me to make it look good on my head!

Where and When: The Debut
I haven’t debuted my costume at any Con yet. It sort of got passed over by my more recent costumes. I may debut it in the near future.

The photoshoot took place in a hay loft at a friend's farm. It was towards the end of January and there were snow flurries and high winds as we were shooting! It wasn't the most comfortable shoot I've done, but it was the most realistic environment I could imagine Kai being in.

Links: The Cosplayer

The Gallery
Photos by Jim Brey. Hair, Makeup & Costumes by Miss Fawn

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