Fanboys (and girls) are a special breed in the gaming world. With their zealous enthusiasm they single-handedly have the ability to make or break games, breathe life back into flailing franchises and (if they use their powers for evil) start flame wars across the Internet. Their undying devotion for a developer, game or character has spawned web-rings, epic works of art and the desire to participate in the ultimate fan tribute—cosplay. This weekly blog highlights some of the best cosplay found around the net. These fans put their blood, sweat and tears into their work, and it shows.

Who: The Character
KOS-MOS from Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht

Why: The Decision
KOS-MOS is my absolute #1 favorite character. Ever. I just adore her. I was introduced to the series years ago (maybe when Episode I came out) and KOS-MOS just caught my interest immediately. I wanted to cosplay her, but waited a few years because I didn't think I could manage a costume that complicated yet.

What: The Process
It's difficult to tell how long it took, I made parts of it in stages over a couple of years and then finished it in a rush (always cursed with last-minute cosplaying). I mainly used matte white pleather, foamies, wonderflex, and some bizarre looking things from the hardware store. I'm not sure about the final cost (I try not to think about it too much!) but if I had to guess, I’d say maybe around $500. The most difficult task was the bodysuit. I'm terrible at fitting things, so it was a nightmare to make it fit. It still needs some work.

Where and When: The Debut
The first photoshoot was also the first time I ever wore the costume; a group of us did a shoot in an abandoned paper mill last year. A couple of the photographers had scouted out the location earlier and we went out there in costume later to do photos. It was super awkward to get into costume in that type of place, but the photoshoot was a lot of fun and we all got some great photos in the end. The first convention I wore the costume to was Anime Expo.

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Photo by Stillvisions

Photo by Stillvisions

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