Letting the GI community choose which Final Fantasy game I replay has been a pretty cool experiment. I wanted to replay through an RPG alongside all you wonderful readers, but I didn't anticipate so many of you would go to the dark side and let Joe Juba influence you.You can't let that man think he has that much power. Moving on, I noticed some interesting things with the votes, so I'll reveal the top three spots.

3rd Place: Final Fantasy VI 

I was hoping this one would have more fanfare, but I realize not as many people may have played it. Plus, I know Tim played it for the first time recently, so I figured maybe you guys wanted to talk about a different game. The version up for the poll was also the PlayStation release, which I know isn't the best edition of the game, so I think some of you wanted to save me the load time woes. 

2nd Place: Final Fantasy IX

I'll be honest here: had a person named JOE JUBA not campaigned so hard, I firmly believe this would have been the winner. If you were hoping for this to win, you can send all your hate mail to joe@gameinformer.com. This is all his fault.

And finally....

1st Place: Final Fantasy VIII

I'll admit I never got into Final Fantasy VIII as much as other entries. I didn't like Squall at all. But readers this is what you want, so I will play through it once again and see if my opinion changes at all. Don't say I never did anything for you guys. ;) And honestly, I'm shocked Final Fantasy VII didn't crack the top three. I thought for sure that'd be what you guys would pick.

Look for a blog soon for my initial reactions to stepping back into Final Fantasy VIII again.