Oh hi there. Javy Gwaltney here, Associate Editor at Game Informer. Lists are fun, aren’t they? They often lead to lively conversation and heated debates. But more than anything else, they’re also an easy way to learn things about whoever is making the list. Their interests, the things they loathe, the places they come from physically and emotionally.

We recently had a list as our last cover—The top 100 RPGs of all time—and that was fun to put together with the rest of the editorial staff. However, since then I’ve been feeling the urge to create a list that’s more personal, that isn’t just a page filled with 10 blurbs. Instead, I want to make this a series that I can throw on my blog for the next ten weeks, giving each game their due in my explanation and respect for each of them. For a lot of these games, I will be talking about how they matter historically to their genre or the development of video games as a whole. However, in the end, this list is mine and is as much about my development as someone who loves video games and as a critic as it is about the history of games itself. As such, I’ll probably talk about my personal history with some of these games and the role they played in my life in order to illustrate why they matter so much to me.

Update: The series is now complete! You can find links to all the entries below. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment below.

10. Dishonored
9. Zork
8. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
7. Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines
6. Wolfenstein: The New Order
5. Spelunky
4. Titanfall 2
3. System Shock 2
2. Half-Life
1.  Mass Effect 2