Activision isn’t skipping E3, and it isn’t moving offsite like EA. The show floor is going to be missing another megalithic booth though, as the publisher has opted to change its approach this year.

In a blog post on the publisher’s site, the company explains that the new Infinity Ward-developed Call of Duty will premiere at the show in partnership with Sony. Additionally, the company will be celebrating the first year of the Call of Duty World League in the fall with a public event.

Activision is no stranger to big Call of Duty events. In 2011, it hosted an event called Call of Duty XP that brought the community together to sample Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer for the first time.

[Source: Activision]


Our Take
E3 is certainly changing, though Activision’s decision isn’t the same as EA’s. With Destiny 2 not coming until 2017, Skylanders and other casual games dipping in performance, and a solid partner to showcase Call of Duty, there’s no need for a grand presence. We understand that media will still meet with the publisher at the convention center, making this a change of facade more than anything.