The world's largest game collection (as certified by Guinness) has a new owner. The huge assortment of titles, which we first shared with you earlier in June, contains over 11,000 games.

GameGavel user peeps_10091970 recently purchased the lot in an online auction, winning a two-day bidding war that sees the collection valued at $750,250. The Guinness World record-recognized collection was originally put together by Michael Thommason. The winning bid puts the average game price at about $68.

On the auction page, Thommason explains that he is selling his impressive collection in order to address family needs. The collector still considers himself an active member of the gaming community, however, and would even consider starting his collection again.  

Game Informer interviewed Thommason in issue 249. For another impressive video game collection, check out this virtual tour of Game Informer’s own vault. (Our collection is not for sale, however.)     

[Source: Gamegavel via Kotaku