After more than two decades of various TV cartoon adaptations, Sonic the Hedgehog will finally star in his own big-screen role.

Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marza Animation Planet, a Japanese CG animation studio, are collaborating to bring the blue blur to life in a hybrid CG/live-action movie. We don't know much else about the film at the moment, other than we can expect to see other characters like series villain Dr. Eggman make an appearance.

For more on Sonic's latest adventures, check out the E3 trailer for Sonic Boom and our hands-on preview of the Wii U version. For more on video game characters getting their own feature-length films, check out the trailer for the Ratchet & Clank movie, set to release in 2015.

[Source: The Wrap] 


Our Take
Sonic is no stranger to the small screen, and with the announcement that Sonic Boom will also be adapted into a CG TV series, Sega is pushing hard for its mascot to succeed both inside and outside of the video game sphere. We don't expect this movie to be the next Wreck-It Ralph, but it may find success with younger audiences, as Sonic's 'tude seems to have grated on first-gen fans over the years.