Ultra Street Fighter IV won't launch with trials for its added characters, but Capcom says fans should "stay tuned".

The trials are meant to give players a course on using the capabilities of the assorted characters. When Ultra Street Fighter IV launches digitally on June 3, the trials included in the game will include existing characters and characters from Super Street Fighter 4, but not the new characters from Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition, or the five coming with Ultra.

Speaking with CVG, Capcom revealed the missing trials saying, "There will be no new trials available at the time of the Ultra Street Fighter IV digital upgrade launch, but stay tuned, as we'll have more news to share on this topic shortly after the digital upgrade version is released."

For more on Ultra Street Fighter IV with videos highlighting some new mechanics and other characters, head here. The game (or DLC, depending on how you choose to buy) launches digitally on June 3. A retail version of the game is planned for August 5. Ultra Street Fighter IV also releases on PC via Steam on August 8. For more on the game, head here.

[Source: CVG]


Our Take
Including trials for the new characters seems like a fairly important addition for Ultra Street Fighter IV – maybe even worth a delay. It seems like Capcom might have something else in mind though, aside form adding new trials. It sounds like we'll find out more soon.