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Ultra Street Fighter IV

Ultra Street Fighter IV Videos Show Opening Cinema And Special Moves

A pair of new videos for the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter IV showcases the game in action, as well the game's opening cinema.

Ultra Street Fighter IV is a large update to Street Fighter IV that adds new characters and stages, and makes all kinds of tweaks and additions to the game's mechanics. The update can be purchased as an online download for $14.99, but it will also be released as a new retail game.

Below you will find a video highlighting the new characters and their assortment of new moves. The video also shows off some of the new stages.

Recently, Capcom revealed the final new character for the game, Decapre. You can learn about her here. For more Ultra Street Fighter IV videos highlighting some new mechanics and other characters, head here. The game (or DLC, depending on how you choose to buy) should be available before July.

[Via: Siliconera]

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  • I really hope the PS4 rumors are true even if it's a minor upres at best. That'd be frosted flakes(grrrreat!)
  • Cue people crying about them doing an expansion every TWO YEARS. TOO OFTEN CAPCOM, WTF!?

    Seriously though, they space these out nicely. It's mostly balance tweaks, SF is an extremely popular tournament game. This makes more sense than releasing a new game every couple years.

    I'm sure we'll get SF5 for next-gen in 2016 or so. Looking forward to that. For now though, I'll enjoy Ultra, it's looking good.

  • Awesome

  • Can't wait to see the next update within four months!

  • Meh. Will never forgive Capcom for ruining Marvel vs. Capcom 3 by slapping the Street Fighter controls onto it.
  • I could be wrong but aren't the new stages just taken directly out of Tekken X Streetfighter?
  • Announce a net code upgrade and I am sold. I would buy this if all it was was a net code upgrade. I love this game, but after playing Killer Instinct I can't make myself go back to playing with such bad net code, and unfortunately none of my friends play fighting games. You should also mention that the retail version is getting all previously released costume dlc. That is a significant chunk of change and might make people wait.
  • Wow... Looks great!!! I wanna play it!
  • I'm waiting for Ultra Super Flaming Street Fighter IV Ultimate Mega Extreme Edition.
  • for 10 bux dlc, hmm i might consider but for 15$ no thank you capcom, who do you think me to be for you to sell me pretty much the same game over and over with few tweeks? this is reserved for capcom die hard fans who must absolutely get this game and be gouged for the 4th time in the row.

  • Back in the early 90s, I lived and breathed Street Fighter. The arcades were a magical place for sure. Getting the magazines and seeing the new versions coming out, Diehard Gamefan would have stills of each attack move and all. Then when the SNES/Genesis versions dropped, oh mercy it was the BEST time ever. I don't have the same feel for it now, modern controller's d-pads aren't the best and sitting a arcade stick on my lap isn't the same as the arcade, but I still have love for the series. I'll always be a Street Fighter fan.
  • I was really looking forward to the opening but its just a bunch of recycled stuff from the past street fighter 4's.

  • cant't wait to get my hands on that thing!!!!!