Microsoft is giving back to Forza Motorsport 5 fans, beefing up the Car Pass with two additional packs consisting of 20 more cars (bringing the total to 80 for the $50 pass). The two bundles will hit over the next two months.

The first pack will arrive in just a week on Friday, May 30. That’s a bit earlier than anticipated, as the normal monthly rollout sees delivery on the first Tuesday of the month.

Once cars are purchased via the Car Pass or other real-money add-on, they can be added to the garage automatically. That means, you won’t need to use in-game credits (or purchase game currency) in order to use the new items.

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[Source: Xbox Wire]


Our Take
After the stumbles Microsoft and Turn10 dealt with complaints surrounding the in-game economy when Forza 5 first launched, this marks a solid turnaround. Hopefully, community reaction to the in-app purchase practices stick with Microsoft and its developers so that these errors aren’t replicated moving forward.