Respawn has detailed the way forward for Titanfall on Xbox 360 in a new update. Bluepoint continues to work on that version, and for the same reasons the initial release came later, updates and DLC will follow behind Xbox One and PC.

Free updates, like Private Matches, will be coming to Xbox 360. Bluepoint is currently working on adapting the second content update that was released on Xbox One for that rollout on Microsoft’s last-gen system. Some pieces of that update, like a change to the Gooser challenge, have already been implemented on Xbox 360. 

The Expedition DLC, which we provided an update on yesterday, will be coming to Xbox One and PC this month. Xbox 360 players will have to wait until June as the content is brought over following completion.

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Our Take
Converting already completed content should result in fewer problems. It might mean a delay, but if it prevents bugs and glitches that impair the experience, it is probably worth the wait.