EA's Ultimate Team offerings continue to be a big hit with sports fans, with Madden's version of the card-collecting mode seeing huge growth.

EA's fourth-quarter financial results reveal that the Ultimate Team modes across EA Sports' series generated $380 million for fiscal year 2014. Ultimate Team mode allows players to buy cards featuring players and stat-boosting properties, then compete against other players with their teams in online matches.

While the FIFA series has traditionally been at the forefront of Ultimate Team's innovations and popularity, EA says Madden Ultimate Team enjoyed 90-percent year-over-year growth.

[Source: Electronic Arts]


Our Take:
It's no surprise that Ultimate Team continues to make money for EA, as cards from the popular mode don't carry over from one year to the next. That clearly isn't stopping players from investing their time and money in the mode, which makes it seem like a win-win for everyone involved.