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Madden NFL 25

Madden NFL 25 Updates Its Ultimate Team Mode

EA Sports' Ultimate Team mode has thrived across the brand's titles, and this year's Madden takes some cool ideas from its brethren.

Chemistry returns to the mode, so this year you'll get bonuses for assembling a roster of players that fits into a specific offensive or defensive scheme. This chemistry dynamic should also cover teammates, as they would be running the same scheme as each other. The concept is simple but powerful. If you've played FIFA's version of the mode, then you know that a high chemistry rating can count for a lot.


  • Short Pass
  • Long Pass
  • Ground & Pound
  • Speed Run


  • Zone Defense
  • Man Defense
  • Pass Rush
  • Run Stuff

Like the Ultimate Team mode in this year's NCAA, Madden NFL 25's UT features eight tiers and a 10-game season that contains an eight-team playoff mode. This comes with the chance to earn a bye past the Wild Card round (500 points for a win), with 1,000 coins and one pack as a reward for a Divisional Round win, 1,500 coins/1 pack for the Conference Championship and 2,000 coins/1 pack for the Super Bowl. If you don't want to participate in the online play of Head-to-Head seasons in Madden 25, you can also play the computer in solo challenges. Regardless if you play online or offline, the mode does, however, require an online connection.

Finally, the Best Lineup button in Madden's Ultimate Team mode now picks from your reserve and active players, truly giving you the best lineup option.

Madden NFL 25 comes out on August 27 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Versions of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are expected sometime before the end of the year. Electronic Arts has not yet officially confirmed if Ultimate Team will be coming to the next-gen versions of the game.

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  • Madden hasn't been good since 99-2003. Gameplay is terrible, And oh yeah, EA and their BS doesn't help either.

    All seeing Madden does is make me wish 2K sports still made football games. NFL2K5 to this day is hands down the best football game ever made and it released at 19.99. Even had ESPN and about 10 B-list celebrities too.

    You know who lost the most when EA bought the NFL license? The Gamers :( Dummies are actually paying 60.00 a year for roster updates and minor gameplay tweaks that usually break the game even more
  • Ultimate team mode is a waste of time, it's just a paid version of online franchise. I whoever spends money on gimmicks like that needs to rethink their life
  • Looks promising, but I wonder what it will really change.

  • Each year I buy Madden or NCAA and each year I play it for 2 weeks and lose interest. Maybe it's just me, but it's the same thing year in and out.

  • I think if I see one more comment about how 2k5 was the bestest football game ever made I will vomit.

  • already got this ish preordered

  • I actually love this mode, cant wait to see how this ends up

  • I honestly think its a stupid thing to have in the game.  Just let me play football!  And franchises too!