Yesterday, Ubisoft released a new gameplay trailer for its delayed racing title, The Crew. The game, which is now slated for fall 2014 on PC and new-gen consoles, will be blending the traditional retail model with mobile-style in-app purchases.

Commenting to Videogamer, Ubisoft confirmed that players will be offered the opportunity to purchase “performance parts.” The game features two currencies, real money and “crew credits.” 

Ubisoft says players won’t be barred from progressing if they don’t spend money, but it will take more time to advance. The publisher also hasn’t detailed yet how it will prevent the title from becoming a pay-to-win affair.

[Source: Videogamer]


Our Take
The Crew’s connected nature and social features had me intrigued, but the idea of another game stacking nickel-and-dime in-app purchases on top of full retail price is a huge turn-off. Fans reacted harshly when this happened in Forza Motorsport 5, and I don’t expect the backlash to be any less intense here. Turn 10 has been responding to fan feedback and adjusting the in-app purchases, most recently letting players immediately add purchased DLC content to their garages. Ubisoft would be wise to learn from history and avoid fan outcry before it gets out of hand.