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Hitting The Gas This Fall

After missing its release in Ubisoft’s last fiscal year (ending March 31, 2014) The Crew is now slated for fall of this year. The title was originally one of Ubisoft’s two new franchises for the new-gen launch window, and the delay of it and Watch Dogs left its mark on Ubisoft’s financial profile.

The Crew is an open-world driving game that emphasizes racing with and against other players. A new trailer shows racing in four different parts of the United States. 

The Crew is headed to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC this fall. For more, check out our coverage from E3 2013.


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  • My dad is a racing game fan, I haven't played a racing game in awhile but I will definitely get this when I get a PS4.

  • I'm not big into racing games so I'll pass on this one but I don't think I'll be able to resist Drive Club if it works on Project Morpheus. That's just a whole new ballgame right there.
  • I'll check this out, hopefully Horizon 2 comes out this year too.

  • Number one racing game on my list. Very excited. Can;t help but notice that the mustang shown isn't the newest version though. Slightly disappointing, but for a great game it makes no difference.
  • Is this another purely online game like titan fall? If it is, that sucks.
  • I'm excited to see just how many places they've managed to fit into this game. And if you can travel from town to town without any load screens.

  • I so hope Canada comes to the game later, either as an update or DLC.

  • I am hoping them delaying this game meant a complete overhaul, I played a demo last year and it was absolutely horrible. The cars drove as if they where on ice, it felt like a burnout cross ridge racer. Praying it changed

  • I love the music.

  • This game looks excellent. Love racing games and was disappointed with rivals. Wouldn't mind something fresh

  • I'm not into racing games, but I gotta tell my friend about this one. He's a Gran Turismo/Forza nut.

  • Had a friend telling me about this last year, and I have to say my interest is piqued. However, i usually lose a little interest in racing games when that's all the draw. I hope it will have an open world feel between races, as I really loved the Need for Speed games that incorporated this.

  • I'm Sorry but i can't buy either this game or Watchdogs simply because of the fact they lied to us and deceived us as gamers. I Pass.