Titanfall on Xbox 360 has been a big mystery, even after the release of the title on Xbox One and PC. With the game out tomorrow on Microsoft’s last-gen system, we finally have a look at it, and it looks familiar.

Twitch user CityFlex captured an hour of footage of the Xbox 360 version (archived on his channel here). Keep in mind that the video is extremely compressed. According to CityFlex, Titanfall on Xbox 360 has an HD content installation.

Respawn and Bluepoint revealed last week that Titanfall on Xbox 360 will be running at more than 30 frames per second. The game’s content will be in lockstep with the Xbox One and PC versions, though. You can read our review of those versions here.

[Source: CityFlex on Twitch via Kotaku]


Our Take
Beyond the obvious video compression on Twitch and the understandable texture downgrades from the Xbox One and PC versions, Titanfall on Xbox 360 is looking good.