Rockstar co-founders Sam and Dan Houser made a rare appearance at last night's BAFTA ceremonies to accept the BAFTA Fellowship award for their studio. In addition to that award, their game Grand Theft Auto V won three other prizes, including Best Multiplayer, Best Game Design, and Best British Game.

Rockstar co-founder and president Dan Houser (above, second from right) accepted the award on stage, saying that it was an honor considering the "almost lethal" amounts of British television he and his brother watched as children. 

"Rockstar was founded with a mission statement that video games were the next mass-market entertainment medium, that they were uniquely interesting and powerful, and that we, as a company, would serve two masters to prove this fact," Houser continued. "Combining the production values of movies with an obsession with gameplay above all else. Back in '98 and '99, we began shouting this to whoever would listen. A few people laughed at us for our hubris – both in ourselves and in the medium. Most people simply ignored us. Now as far as I know, this is the first time that BAFTA have given an award to 900 people."

Dan Houser accepted the award along with (from left) Rockstar North's art director Aaron Garbut; brother Sam Houser; and Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies.


Our Take
In an age of gaming auteurs and outspoken spokesmen, it's interesting that the marquee names associated with the Grand Theft Auto series have been so reluctant to step into the spotlight themselves. As Dan Houser mentioned in his speech, he was accepting the award on behalf of 900 people. Game development is a collaborative process, and perhaps they avoid publicity in deference to that fact.