Update #2: Ubisoft has sent over the release date trailer that delves into Watch Dogs' story. You can check that out here.

Update #1: It appears that the GAME tweet has been confirmed by a trailer on Xbox.com Videogamer, which originally reported the GAME tweet announcing the release date dug up the video on Xbox.com. You can see it here

Original Story:

In February, Ubisoft revealed that Watch Dogs would be arriving during the company’s first quarter of its new fiscal year (April - June). Ubisoft appears to be ready to make it official.

According to a leaked trailer and an errant tweet from UK retailer GAME (as caught by Videogamer), Watch Dogs will arrive on May 27 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC. As previously announced, a Wii U release will be coming later.

Ubisoft is also teasing a big announcement on its Facebook page for 6 p.m. CET (12 p.m. EST). You can see that here, though we suspect the cat is now well and truly out of the bag.

[Source: Videogamer]


Our Take
Watch Dogs was my most anticipated launch title, but I’m glad Ubisoft took the extra time. While the financial hit from the delay was significant, sacrificing the longevity of a new franchise with a bad first outing would have been foolish.