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See The Watch Dogs Release Date Story Trailer

As you have no doubt heard by now, Watch Dogs has emerged from the shadows with a new release date. Ubisoft’s near-future Chicago will be at your fingertips on May 27.

To commemorate the new release date, Ubisoft has delivered the story trailer that was leaked this morning. You can check that out below.

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  • I liked this trailer :3
  • Cool trailer! Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me... but does he look more like Nathan Drake? I dunno... I feel like Aidan's face kinda changed since we last saw him. Lol
  • The game looks so good, this trailer has me excited even more then when I first saw a trailer for this.

  • I guess my little brother cannot be at my room when I am playing this game. This trailer however explains to me what the game is about, no more need to keep digging info on it.
  • Wow. GOTY. Calling it.
  • Looks SWEET. Between this and Second Son, I may not emerge from the cave until late summer.

  • That was the best anything Watch Dogs I've seen in the last two years.

  • The heck was that scene with the women for?
  • That's the best Watch Dogs trailer so far. The game keeps looking better and I'm glad there is now a closer release date out for it.

  • Finally!! I was pretty disappointed when it was pushed.
  • Bleep bloop. I guess I'll be playing Mario Kart three days later instead.
  • Finally I know what this game is about not a bad story but lets see how they decide to tell it.

  • glad I am getting this for Wii U. It wont get in the way of Mario Kart.

  • SWEET! Very nice trailer. The game releases a little later than I'd hoped but I'm very much looking forward to it.

  • After seeing the batman trailer and some of the other games what are coming I think the graphics look pretty bad, and it's taken this long to come out i think it has no impact like it did as a launch game.
  • That was a awesome trailer.

  • I really hope this game is as good as the hype is (was, er, yeah). I just have a bad feeling about it. Hopefully the delay helped a lot. 6 month delay? Something HAD to be incredibly wrong or unfinished.

    Also, if it plays too similarly to Assassin's Creed, count me out. I have had enough of that game.

  • i hope this is the psp version.

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw yeah!!!

  • Somehow I'm less interested in this now...

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