The big news this week is the announcement of a mobile-exclusive Tony Hawk skateboarding game, though details at this point are scarce. While we all wait to live out our skateboarding fantasies on the go, you can check out some of this week’s notable mobile game releases.

Beyond Space
Developer: Bulkypix
Platform: iOS
Price: $2.99

Spaceships! Lasers! Explosions! Beyond space is a visually impressive space dog fighting game with a variety of ships to choose from, each with their own array of customization options.  The game is fairly straightforward, but flying through space and blasting enemy fighters never gets old.

God of Light
Developer: Playmous
Platform: iOS
Price: $1.99

In The Legend of Zelda, do you breeze through the light and mirror puzzles or find yourself confounded beyond belief by them? Your answer will probably determine how much enjoyment you will get out of God of Light, which is basically “Light Puzzles: The Game.” You control a being of light and must direct light beams to certain locations by bouncing them off reflective surfaces. Visually, the game looks stunning. If you can manage to drag yourself away from Threes, God of Light looks like to be a fun puzzler.

Disco Zoo
Developer: NimbleBit
Platform: iOS
Price: Free

The name says it all. Disco Zoo is a game about running a zoo – a zoo that routinely throws disco parties for its animals and visitors in order to increase profits. Part Farmville and part match-three game, Disco Zoo manages to charm its way onto this list with its quirky premise and retro art style.

Cubed Snowboarding
Developer: Jared Bailey
Platform: iOS, Android
Price: $0.99

Just missing the Winter Olympics is Cubed Snowboarding. This simple-yet-stylish game is all about hitting huge jumps, grinding rails, and destroying snowmen to rack up high scores – just like real snowboarding. 

Lego Legends of Chima: Online
Developer: Warner Bros.
Platform: iOS, PC, Mac
Price: Free

This free-to-play MMO combines the familiar elements of bashing Lego objects and collecting studs from the popular Traveler’s Tales Lego games with a loot-focused action RPG. Using studs, players can build outposts to craft better weapons and armor for their character in order to become a better adventurer and defeat enemies. Perhaps the coolest feature of the game is that mobile players on iOS can connect and play with friends who are playing on PC or Mac, and you can start playing on your iOS device and continue later on your PC. Our own Jeff Cork spent some time playing the PC version with his son and came away impressed.