Final Fantasy Tactics director Yasumi Matsuno's upcoming mobile tactics game Unsung Story is trying to make its way to PC by way of Kickstarter. In the game's latest update, Matsuno breaks down the class system.

You can head here to read the full update, which showcases the game's three main types, warrior, mage, and monster. Those three types then break down into a number of sub-types, which includes attackers, defenders, mages, healers, and tamers. It breaks down further, however, as those sub-types also have professions.

The Kickstarter to bring the game over to PC has fewer than 60 hours to go and $80,000 to make up before reaching its goal. The game is confirmed for mobile devices some time next year, but if you'd rather play the game on PC, head here to contribute to the Kickstarter.

For more on the game, including its announcement and details on its story, hit the links.


Our Take
The class system, and many other aspects of the game, sound complicated, but it also sounds like the sort of mechanics fans of Final Fantasy Tactics could really dig into and appreciate. I'm a little surprised tactics-fan PC gamers haven't already pushed this one past its Kickstarter goal.