Garry Newman, who has gathered a following with the Source engine sandbox Garry’s Mod and, more recently, the online survival title Rust revealed today that his team, Facepunch Studios, is investigating new platforms. The developer announced that he is now in possession of Xbox One devkits.

Newman suggests that he’s considering Rust for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. “Neither have an Early Access program afaik - so anything we do is a while off,” he writes. Rust is currently in an Early Access phase, with over one million downloads. For more, check out a recent preview of Rust.

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Our Take
Rust has been wildly successful, despite its unfinished state. It’s a concept that intrigues me, but one I’d rather experience in its finished form. I love the idea of independent publishing on consoles. I do not relish the idea of living room hardware becoming home to paid alpha and beta access, though.