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Rocking Out With Rust

It seems like everyone’s talking about Facepunch Studios’ survival game Rust, currently available as an early access title on Steam.


Rust, a game you may never have heard about, is one of the hottest games on Steam right now. Facepunch Studios’ survival game is currently available as an early access title and draws inspiration from other sim/survival fare out there such as DayZ and Minecraft. Rust presents a brutal, boisterous combination of crafting, building, and bashing other players with crude implements to take their loot. We decided to dive in for a few hours and take a look.


I choose one of the largest official servers to play on, one that supports up to 200 concurrent players. I soon discover that playing on a server of this size leads to immediate player contact of both the positive and negative variety. Upon arriving in this new world, I move a few steps forward and begin smacking a tree with a rock. “Oh sure, just like Minecraft. I can probably use this to start crafting.”


Seconds after I begin my assault on the tree, I’m surrounded by several half-naked men wielding rocks. The leader of the roving gang holds a pickaxe of some kind, signifying his dominance over his rock-toting cohorts. He also has pants and a shirt, making him a true status symbol in a world where half-naked wanderers struggle against hunters and the cold. They make short work of me, though I do try to inflict some damage with my own stone before collapsing. I’m a fan of open PVP and corpse looting, so this does not dissuade me in the slightest. In fact, I can’t wait to get some weapons of my own to hunt those individuals down and return the favor.


But revenge will have to wait. On my next respawn, I come across what can only be termed as a “noobie death bin.” Some clever, malicious individual has constructed a house of sorts that can only be entered by climbing up some stairs and jumping in. Once inside, a player with beginner tools can’t escape in any way, and must use the suicide command (if they know it, which a new player most likely won’t). As I look around for some way out of the prison, I see someone appear on the roof. The spider has come to check the web. A few gunshots later, I’m back to respawn territory.


The next respawn is short and sweet. I fought the bear, and the bear won. Protip that I believe extends to real life – don’t try to take on a bear with a rock.


My next life is a short walk into a radioactive compound where a fully-equipped group of players with assault rifles and shotguns tear me to shreds.


On my next respawn, I meet up with a roving band of rock-men and we set upon nearby pigs and players for food and torches. The voice chat allows several of the players in my quickly assembled entourage to communicate as we rove the countryside in search of players with clothing, food, and weapons. After some time, we begin a small base of operations with a workbench, campfire, and other essentials. We build some things, kill some people – basically a good time all around. This chance casual grouping lasts for some time until I have to log for the evening.


For those curious about Rust that don’t want to engage in a casual social slaughter, servers are available without PVP elements where players can focus on crafting and battling nature.


Like other games in the same space, Rust features zombie NPCs but as far as I can tell they are mostly just threats for undergeared players. The real challenge comes from interacting with other players, making the experience fairly dynamic and fun. Like many early access titles, Rust’s current state will probably change substantially as it moves closer toward a full release.

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  • Don't see myself ever playing this, not a fan of PVP like this.
  • The game is incredibly fun. I played a good 3 hours in a row with my buddy, we finally managed to settle in a place with abundant recources. We both got guns, cloth armor, and a decent sized wooden compound. This all came to an end when we died from some random bandit, of course. But the amount of interaction and fun I had was incredible. When we were holed up in our compound at night, a player came to us BEGGING for assistance, he was being chased by zombies. We couldn't trust him and said no, and it turns out the guy was a fresh spawn and we felt bad. I didn't want to have a negative reputation on our server, so when another guy claiming to be friendly and just needing food came by, I let him in. Turns out he had a shotgun, and both my friend and I died.
  • I love how all the people in the screenshot hold rocks as if they were pistols.

  • From what I've seen, this game looks ridiculously fun and stupid at the same time. Kinda what Chivalry Medieval Warfare is like. Plain, stupid fun.

  • Voice chat with strangers? Gross.
  • This game sort of slipped my mind. I remember being intrigued about it a while back, being a fan of DayZ on Arma 2-3, since it took the concept a bit further. The elements can be as fickle as human nature in these games, but there are many crazy moments to be had that are a blast.
  • Good to see that there is a no -pvp option. I don't really like the idea of having people beating you to death with a rock over a tree.

  • That's it,I'm buying this right now!

  • I just downloaded it and am having a fun time, but hoping that the player interaction is prompted enough by the game, seems to be so far.
  • Nice! I really need to get back in to PC gaming. It hasn't really interested me since the early 2000s and even then I was never serious about it.

  • The included screenshot shows players with pants on. That's really not the reality as in most cases, it's you who is clothed, and surrounded by 3-5 players holding rocks with their.. rocks out. They added a censor option, but don't think the included screenshot represents the usual gameplay where you're generally surrounded by naked men screaming obscenities into their mic's wielding rocks, over voip, on how it's "a stick up" and you should drop your valuables if you want to live. EDIT: "Like other games in the same space, Rust features zombie NPCs but as far as I can tell they are mostly just threats for undergeared players" Zombies are on the cut list, they want to get away from the idea that it's a poster child for DAYZ rip, and it does it well to a large extent with their base and raiding gameplay. The above quoted text is relevant currently, but given it's alpha, players should be aware of :
  • I hear they want to get rid of zombies possibly? They could be used well as a game mechanic to encourage players to work together instead of raiding newbs.
  • I don't have patience for things like this, I could never do it
  • This game has definitely peaked my interest. Now to find some time to dive into it!

  • I like this concept of survival, will try it for sure when the full version comes out :)

  • I would love to get this, and likely will in the next few weeks. I'm pretty excited to try it.

  • I've heard a little about this on some sites. Some people comparing it to DayZ and other survival games + Early Access success Stories. But I took a look at it, said, "I probably don't care about this", and moved on. No one really seemed to actually talk about what it was or why people cared about it. It was just, "that other game like DayZ sort of".

    Thanks for a PROPER preview then, Mr. Tack. Oh, and the sweet real-life protip about bears... though I think I learned that one in 1996, thanks to Tomb Raider.

    Though I still don't really care about this sort of thing, at least I now know FOR SURE! :P

  • I've been playing roughly two weeks, and I've put 45 or so hours in. Real fun.

  • naked people! I will buy it!

  • I don't know anyone who HASN'T heard of this game.

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