The upcoming year is a big one for EverQuest and a new video showcases the plans for the franchise's 15-year anniversary in 2014.

EverQuest and its sequel (which are both still going strong 15 and 10 years later respectively) are receiving new content updates, and EverQuest Next Landmark is entering alpha very soon. You can check out the list of plans below, as well as the video showing the plans in action.

  • EverQuest - Celebrate 15 years of the MMO innovator with January's Call of the Forsaken: Hate Rising game update (launching today!) and 15th Anniversary content out this March
  • EverQuest II - Celebrate 10 years of the hit MMO sequel with all new game content updates (starting tomorrow!)
  • EverQuest Next Landmark - Get ready for the first Alpha launch in the next generation of online gaming, where players will be among the first to explore, craft and create using their own imagination -- all while assisting the development team in shaping this expansive new world
  • Community Celebration Event - SOE opens its doors to the community this January 31st -- see what the developers are up to and be among the first to get hands-on with EverQuest Next Landmark before it heads in to the Alpha stage

For more on EverQuest Next Landmark, head here to see the latest developer diary, and you can check out some of our hands-on time with the creation tools here.


Our Take
I am equally surprised and impressed that people continue to play the original EverQuest after 15 years. I sometimes feel like I've spent too much time with a game after two-weeks. Sony definitely deserves to celebrate if it has been able to hold onto a player base for that long.