In 2012, Subset Games released its Kickstarter-funded, space-based roguelike, FTL: Faster Than Light. The title puts players in the captain's chair of a starship racing back to the fleet ahead of a crushing wave of aggressors.

FTL is a challenge even on its easiest setting, and it looks like Subset is about to up the degree of difficulty. FTL: Advanced Edition will introduce a new race called The Lanius.

These metallic creatures don't require life support, but they also don't play well with organic life forms. The Lanius automatically and uncontrollably suck oxygen out of any space they inhabit.

It will be tough to integrate Lanius into a crew. Thankfully, the update will come with a Lanius ship with its own set of achievements. Additionally, a new configuration for every other ship will be available.

The Advanced Edition also includes new gameplay tweaks, new drones, and new ship features. It's coming some time in 2014, and it will be free for anyone that owns the game on PC, Mac, or Linux. FTL: Advanced Edition is also coming to iPad.

[Source: Subset Games via Polygon]


Our Take
According to Steam, I've only put six hours into FTL. In that time, I reach the final battle a few times... and then died horribly. I adore the game for its combat. I love it for its challenge. I hate that I haven't made more time for it yet. 

I can't wait to see how it works on the iPad, and I'll likely be there on day one to find out. If you've yet to play FTL, it's on sale right now in a few places for $5.