FTL: Faster Than Light made big waves on the indie scene when it released back in 2012. Now developer Subset Games is porting the game to iPad and introducing a slew of free updates for its current platforms.

FTL: Advanced Edition is a free expansion for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. The official site details all of the updates including new mind control and hacking systems, a new sector, new weapons, and new enemy ships.

The iPad edition will include all of the features from the expansion and, of course, will be optimized for touch-screen play. [Update: Sorry, iPhone hopefuls. Subset has nixed the phone edition due to the screen being too small to handle gameplay effectively.]

Both the free expansion and the iPad version will release in early 2014.

Take a look at the trailer and get more details at official FTL site.


Our Take:
I'm definitely excited to see FTL on iPad and hope it does well on the new platform. It's great that longtime fans get all of the advancements as well at no cost. I just hope that expanding a year and a half later isn't too late and that an influx of new customers offsets the cost of creating all of this new content.