If you've got a 3DS and enjoy RPGs, you'll be happy to know that Square Enix has released the demo for Bravely Default. Even if you already know you're picking this game up, the demo has something for you you can't find in the retail release.

The Bravely Default demo includes a side quest not found in the full game. Additionally, your progress will carry over when the 3DS title arrives on February 7. For more on Bravely Default, you can check out trailers on combat and the characters.

Note that this demo has a 30-use limit. Take advantage of the 3DS' sleep mode if need be to extend your play time.


Our Take
I love when demos allow progress to port over to the full game. This one is especially exciting because it includes unique content, giving those certain to purchase a chance to play without retreading familiar ground. I liked when Capcom did with Dead Rising 2, and I like what Square Enix is doing here.