EA and DICE have announced that a double experience event intended to close out 2013 has been postponed indefinitely. The update doesn’t come from the BF4 Control Room, a part of the forums typically used to communicate issues and fixes to fans, though.

Instead, for the second day in a row, EA has utilized an alert at the top of some Battlfield 4 website pages, including the forums. The last time the Control Room was update was December 20, 2013. The double experience event was scheduled to start on December 27, yet notice of the delay was only just delivered.

We’ve reached out to EA again on our earlier inquiry regarding pre-order bonuses and a la carte DLC as they relate to cross-generation upgrades. We’ve also asked for more information about the postponement.

[Source: Battlefield]


Our Take
It’s surprising that EA and DICE aren’t using the established Control Room to communicate with fans. These burst messages offer little context and no detail about the current situation, nor is DICE actively updating users.