Back in September at PAX in Seattle, we played a little game called Samurai Gunn. The title pits up to four players against one another in a one-hit kill arena brawler. Think Bushido Blade meets the 8-bit era.

Each player gets three bullets each life in addition to their swords (which can deflect gunshots, of course). The stages are varied, with lots of moving pieces and tons of hazards.

It makes for frantic fun, especially when you’ve got four people playing on one system. Samurai Gunn is out for PC now via Steam. Regular price is $14.99, but to celebrate the title’s release, you can get it for $11.99.


Our Take
I played Towerfall for the first time when I was in Minneapolis at the Game Informer home office last week. It was a lot of fun, and I expect many people will draw parallels between it and Samurai Gunn. Until Towerfall hits PC though, there’s no comparison, and you should go get Samurai Gunn right now.