The Indie Megabooth at PAX 2013 has been a wonderland of fantastic experiences. One I missed on my first few passes was pointed out to me by multiple colleagues. "You need to play Samurai Gunn," they told me. They were so very right.

The title by Teknopants carries an 8-bit aesthetic. Players choose to fight under different Shogun (or on teams if they so choose), and enter one of a variety of cleverly designed arenas that all change the dynamic.

Player movement is fast, with wall jumps key to navigating the landscape. It's impossible to get trapped in one place thanks to the flexibility of locomotion. There are only two weapons, a sword and a gun. No matter which you choose, one hit kills are universal.

Players get three bullets per life, but they aren't defenseless once the gun is empty. With a well-timed stroke of the sword, a projectile can be deflected back at your foe.

The first player to 11 kills wins, and if there is a tie, the game enters a showdown mode. Players start on opposite ends of a flat landscape with the sun setting in the background. Just like the rest of the game, this is sudden death.

Each kill is noted by a flash of red and a highlighting of the area in which it happened. This is a quick visual cue that doesn't distract and, instead, helps to call out the action on screen.

The setup is simple, but thanks to the speed of movement and quick-playing matches, it has an addicting quality. I can see Samurai Gunn becoming a party favorite, as its simple to pick up and, with it's rapid revenge style kills, encourages trash talk.

Samurai Gunn was one of the most fun games I played at PAX 2013, and I'm looking forward to its release on PC this holiday and on PS4/Vita next year.