It's been a few weeks since we checked in with Red Bull's This is eSports series. We've got episodes 11 through 14 of the 16-episode series.

Episode 11 takes place at World Championship Series America. It includes cameos from voice actors James Harper (Arcturus Mengsk) and Robert Clotworthy (Jim Raynor).

Episode 12 showcases WCS America winner Polt. The episode covers the last day of the event.


Episode 13 takes the series to Santa Monica, California. Four players vie for a spot at the Battlegrounds championship in New York City. The episode also covers the all-important actions per minute (APM), which is what separates top players from the casuals.

Finally, Episode 14 introduces Battlegrounds, which took place recently in New York City. The lore of the Starcraft universe also gets some screen time.

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Our Take
I've learned a lot watching This is eSports, and I hope that Red Bull does a follow up series that is a bit more technical. I'd love to see a few matches broken down and explained. This would help me enjoy Starcraft II more, and it might also get me invested in watching events.